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The SKETCH is an useful tool to display the idea. This visualization came from hard brainstorming and semantic research, evaluation of  user centred ergonomical features and the selection of quality materials.

Adapt-chair is a chaise longue designed by Andrea Salerno for LaRete srl, this design is the winner of the DECO '2010 award.

Adapt chair as an instance of a very long material research to the need to the overall weight.The innovation of this chaise longue resides in the research of materials and attention to user. Were used traditional materials, treated for long life resistance, as multilayer wood, curved and hydrophobic, along with polyurethane materials to create waterproof pillows. The particular structure and design of ten pillows, trunk and cylindrical shaped, allows to customize the comfort depending on the user's ergonomic needs.

Adaptchair is suitable both for outdoors, able to endure elements,and indoors, able to conform to all kind of styles.

The quality of visualization requires a 3D software knowledge in order to work out the real aestetical results and building feasibility, keeping under the entire product life cycle . 

The study about the life cycle of a product gives economical evaluation and environmental impact of this object.

For example: new trends as eco sustainibility could drive the design to a wind-powered lamp.

These kind of projects open the possibilities to light on new user set-up and consequently new needs and new ways of use.

Details, materials, flexibility, usability and ergonomical features are the foundations for a good design.

Here below, you could find some concepts which express my inspiration about some topics!


concept: TT table

Modular cristal table that could change its configuration thanks to a central connection. It is studied for use only one steel mould to produce the legs with a interesting cost reduction.

Is possible to choose 3 set up: round shaped with 3 legs, round shaped with 4 legs or oval shaped.


concept: X - multitasking object

X is a multi-project, in its simplicity contains more than one use of scenery. Seat, step, tiny table or bag.It is customizable for every lifestyle thanks to its fabric! 

!!!easy to use!!!


concept: Stripe lamp

Stripe, is a concept, a suspension lamp made of transparent PMMA stripes, molded and pierced. The lamp is able to change the interior and creates emotions through coloured projections. The shape is the result of a strain puts on each stripes that naturally deforms the stripe in a semi-circle shape. The end result is a simple circle-shaped item. The light is filtered by each element, so the outcomes are white and coloured light effects all around your room. Stripes are available in the whole range of colours, transparent and etched, that could also be mixed.


concept: marble basin

surfaces continuity for a new drain concept


concept: metalClip-coffee table

laser cutting sheet metal + metal bending

concept: Flowered wood lamp, light projections

The growth as the representation of natural process of light, vital element. The projections of natural elements leads back the object to a dreamlike state where some icons born/come to light from the wood totem.


  workshop: Kojo, ready-made for lighting-Politecnico of Milan